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Operation Chowhound: The Most Risky, Most Glorious US Bomber Mission of WWII


Publication date: 24 February 2015 »

From Palgrave Macmillan Trade: "Beginning with a crazy plan hatched by a suspect prince, and an even crazier reliance on the word of the Nazis, Operation Chowhound was devised. Between May 1 and May 8, 1945, 2,268 military units flown by the USAAF, dropped food to 3.5 million starving Dutch civilians in German-occupied Holland.


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The Americans on D-Day: A Photographic History of the Normandy Invasion


Available Now »

From Zenith Press: "Experience the all-important Normandy invasion through some of D-Day's most incredible photographs."  Book review »

The Battle of the Bulge: A Graphic History of Allied Victory in the Ardennes, 1944-1945


Available Now »

From Zenith Press: "In Battle of the Bulge, author and artist Wayne Vansant brings readers into the frozen foxholes, haunting forests, and devastated villages of the Ardennes during that freezing cold winter.

Burning the Reichstag: An Investigation into the Third Reich's Enduring Mystery

By Benjamin Carter Hett

Available now »

From Oxford University Press: "A powerful new look at the Reichstag fire.... Based on years of archival and scholarly research, the book reconstructs the event in gripping detail."

Colditz: The Full Story


Releases 15 December 2014

From Zenith Press: The Germans thought escape was impossible. These men proved them wrong. Colditz Castle, located near Leipzig Germany, was the last stop for select Allied prisoners during World War II. It was here, a reportedly impregnable fortress, that the Germans sent all the prisoners who escaped from other prisons.

Disobeying Hitler: German Resistance After Valkyrie


Available Now »

From Oxford University Press: "Fills a crucial niche in the history of WWII resistance, focusing on disobedience after Valkyrie, which has typically been overlooked.... Based on extensive archival research in three languages.... Considers a wide range of resistance figures, including officers, soldiers, and citizens."

Fighting Patton: George S. Patton Jr. Through the Eyes of His Enemies

By Harry Yeide

Available Now »

From Zenith Press: "He is remembered as an officer with few equals. A leader who attained legendary status while commanding corps and armies as a general during World War II. He was also well known for his eccentricity and controversial outspokenness."

The First Eagles: The Fearless American Aces Who Flew with the RAF in World War I


Available Now »

From Zenith Press: "In The First Eagles: The Fearless American Aces Who Flew with the RAF in World War I, award-winning historian Gavin Mortimer engagingly profiles the restless, determined American aviators who grew tired of waiting for the their country to establish an aerial military force during World War I."

Flying Warbirds: An Illustrated Profile of the Flying Heritage Collection's Rare WWII-Era Aircraft


Available Now »

From Zenith Press: "Do you want to get an up-close look at some of the rarest airplanes in the world? ... In deluxe hard-back volumes, Flying Warbirds brings U.S., British, German, Russian and Japanese fighting planes from the 1930s and 1940s together, complete with detailed photographs to delight every aeronautics connoisseur."

The German Aces Speak II: World War II Through the Eyes of Four More of the Luftwaffe's Most Important Commanders


Available now »

From Zenith Press: "When The German Aces Speak published in 2011, Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine welcomed Colin Heaton’s and Anne- Marie Lewis’s masterful command of interview-based narrative, writing,”

Hidden Warbirds II: More Epic Stories of Finding, Recovering, and Rebuilding WWII's Lost Aircraft


Available now »

From Zenith Press: "In Hidden Warbirds II, the engaging follow-up to the critically acclaimed Hidden Warbirds, aviation historian Nicholas A. Veronico further explores the romantic era of World War II warbirds and the stories of some of its most famous wrecks and recoveries."

Hitler's War: World War II as Portrayed by Signal, the International Nazi Propaganda Magazine


Available Now » 

From Zenith Press: "The downfall of Nazi Germany, as seen through its own media. The first issue of Signal magazine, Germany's biweekly army propaganda publication, hit the newsstands in April of 1940." Read More »

Mission to Berlin: The American Airmen Who Struck the Heart of Hitler's Reich

By member ROBERT F. DORR

Available now »

From Zenith Press: "Robert F. Dorr's critically acclaimed World War II bombing narrative, now available in paperback format. The western Allies flew 314 bombing missions to Berlin between 1940 and 1945."

War in the Western Pacific: The U.S. Marines in the Marianas, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, 1944-1945


Available Now »

From Zenith Press: "By the summer of 1944 the tide had turned in the Pacific War against the Japanese. The war was not nearly over, however, and the U.S. Marines had their heaviest season of combat awaiting them."

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70 years Ago today: 1945's key battle of Iwo Jima

Courtesy of the History Channel: "The American amphibious invasion of Iwo Jima during World War II stemmed from the need for a base near the Japanese coast. Following elaborate preparatory air and naval bombardment, three U.S. marine divisions landed on the island in February 1945. Iwo Jima was defended by roughly 23,000 Japanese army and navy troops, who fought from an elaborate network of caves, dugouts, tunnels and underground installations. Despite the difficulty of the conditions, the marines wiped out the defending forces after a month of fighting, and the battle earned a place in American lore with the publication of a photograph showing the U.S. flag being raised in victory." Click here for the complete story on

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the World at war: march

P A C I F I C   T H E A T E R   O F   O P E R A T I O N S 

Bismarck Sea; SW Pacific area; 2 March 1943:  Battle of the Bismarck Sea » The Japanese commanders had decided to move over 100k troops from China and Japan in to the New Guinea area. The Japanese convoy of eight destroyers, eight troop tarnsports and 100 fighter aircraft moving the 51st Infantry Division were intercepted by the USAAF and RAAF on the 1st and 2nd of March.

Burma, Southeast Asia; 8 March 1944: Merrill's Marauders » Merrill's Marauders, fought in Burma against the Japanese forces and were the Army's first Ranger unit. Led by Major General Frank Merrill, the unit was made up of experienced jungle fighters exclusively. In March and subsequent months of 1944 while vastly outnumbered, the unit advanced 750 miles through some of the harshest jungle terrain in the world.

Philippines, Pacific Ocean; 11 March 1942:  General MacArthur ordered to leave The Philippines »  On this date President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered General MacArthur to leave his command post in the Philippines due to the potential and impending loss by U.S. forces to the Japanese. Prior to his departure to Austrailia by PT boat and aircraft, he makes his famous declaration,"I shall return".

Bougainville, Solomon Islands; 15 March 1944:   The Bougainville Campaign continues » The Allied forces consisted of major units from all US branches as well as forces from New Zealand, Fiji and Australia. The 93rd Infantry Division would later reinforce and become the first African-American infantry unit to see action in WWII.

Iwo Jima, Japan; 20 March 1945:  Correspondent Robert Sherrod on Iwo Jima » Robert Sherrod was best known for his years of writing and editing for TIME and LIFE magazines during WWII. He accompanied the US Marines at Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tarawa and Attu. Sherrod said of Iwo Jima, "at the end of a fortnight's bloody fighting there is no longer any doubt that Iwo is the most difficult amphibious operation in U.S. history."

Iwo Jima, Japan; 26 March 1945:  The fighting on Iwo Jima ends » The 35-day battle finally came to an end on this day. The Battle of Iwo Jima, or Operation Detachmentas it was known by the U.S. forces, saw some of the most brutal combat of the Pacific War. The strategic importance of victory on Iwo was for its two airfields, which would prove vital for B-29 landings and ultimate delivery of the atomic bombs.


E U R O P E  &   T H E  E A S T E R N  F R O N T  

Narva, Estonia; 1 March 1944:  The Battle of Narva continues » Like many smaller countries during WWII, Estonia was caught in the middle between Germany and the Soviet Union. Stalin wanted Estonia for air bases as well as its bordering the Gulf of Finland for seaborne initiatives. The battle of Narva would rage on from February to August of 1944.

The Ludendorf Bridge, Germany; 7 March 1945:  The Bridge at Remagen »The Ludendorf Bridge was known as the Bridge at Remagen during WWII. It was named after German General Erich Ludendorf during WWI, who was a proponent of the bridge's creation in 1916. Its capture by the Allies was strategic as it was the only remaining bridge over the Rhine River into Germany.

Washington DC; 11 March 1941:  Lend-Lease is enacted » $50 billion dollars ($759 billion in today's dollars) in supplies were given to Britain, China, the Soviet Union and France towards their war efforts. FDR and the people of the United States were hoping to maintain a stance of non-interventionism.... A hope that would change on 7 December of this same year.

  Berlin and Smolensk; 13 March 1943:   Operation Spark; The plots to Kill Hitler »General Henning von Tresckow coined the "Spark" codename, believing that after such a spark, Hitler's death, would other collaborators agree to join the coup to end the war. von Tressckow was reassigned to command a battalion on the eastern front in October of 1943, after the failed attempts.

 Cassino, Italy; 15 March 1944: The third battle of Monte Cassino begins » The Third Battle of Monte Cassino began on this date. The four battles involved the U.S., U.K., Canada, Poland, New Zealand and others against the German Army and air forces. The ancient abbey at Monte Cassino was destroyed from Allied bombing, of which its necessity is still debated. More controversy surrounded the competition between British and American commanders to be the first to liberate Rome after the Battle of Anzio.

Kursk, Soviet Union; 20 March 1943: The Battle of Kursk continues » The Battle for Kursk had the costliest single day of aerial warfare to date as well as the largest armoured battle in the war on the eastern front. It was also the last strategic offensive Germany would be able to mount in the war on the eastern front. The Battle of Kursk was as vital and strategic in victory for the Soviet Union as its efforts at Leningrad and Stalingrad.


spring BOOK fair giveaways

World War II in Secret


Published 2 April 2015 »

Please join us Thursday evening, March 5th 2015 in the 'British Forces & The Battle of Britain' group. We have ten (10) copies reserved for us by our great friend Nichole Schiele and business partner Zenith Press.

From Zenith Press: World War II in Secret profiles the many undisclosed and secretive stories of World War II, complete with copious illustrations and photographs drawn from the archives of all the major Allied and Axis powers. Espionage, radio, radar, and codes technology, resistance movements and saboteurs, weapons programs, camouflage and suberterfuge, and covert operations are all explored and uncovered to their smallest detail.

Stay the Rising Sun


Published 1 May 2015 »

Please join us Thursday evening, April 9th 2015 in the 'Victory at Sea: U.S. Navy, Coast Guard & Merchant Marine' group. We have ten (10) copies reserved for us by our great friend Nichole Schiele and business partner Zenith Press.

From Zenith Press: "In May 1942, the United States' first first naval victory against the Japanese in the Coral Sea was marred by the loss of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. Another carrier was nearly ready for launch when the news arrived, so the navy changed her name to Lexington, confusing the Japanese."

Hidden Warships


Published 5 June 2015 »

Please join us Thursday evening, May 7th 2015 in the 'Victory at Sea: U.S. Navy, Coast Guard & Merchant Marine' group. We have ten (10) copies reserved for us by our great friend Nichole Schiele and business partner Zenith Press.

From Zenith Press: "World War II produced many epic naval battles and technologies. The many resulting shipwrecks from this immense war unintentionally created a record of new warfighting technologies that today's armchair explorers and shipwreck hunters can participate in. In an accessible format with over 200 illustrations, Hidden Warships details the combat, recovery, and preservation of combat ships from World War II--beginning with the Japanese midget submarine attacks on Pearl Harbor--to the sinking of the postwar aircraft carrier USS Oriskany."

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